Restored - Redeemed & Renewed Safe & Sober Housing has given me a place to live while I do intensive treatment at Port of Hope. I'm not from the Nampa area and had no place to go. R3 has done a lot for me. It is not just a place to sleep at night, it is far more than that. It has become a home to me. The house manager cares about our recovery. She goes way above and beyond for us. R3 has not only become my home but my family. I am grateful for R3 and the structure and support it has given me on my journey to sobriety. Now I'm a happy camper!

Restored – Redeemed & Renewed is a faith based safe and sober living program
Our goal:
Restore Hope – Redeem Lives - Renew Minds

We keep it simple - Live one day at a time

At R3 we keep life simple by living one day at a time. We are here to provide individuals in recovery the opportunity to adjust to independent living by residing in a clean, sober, and safe environment surrounded by supportive people in recovery as they continue to attend recovery meetings, find work and transition out into their new lives.

We are community based - One for All and All for One

Here at R3 we believe everyone has a part in community. Therefore R3 is committed to offering affordable, quality housing with a home-like setting where our residents can reconnect to a community. Our top priority is to assure each house is harmonious and provides a peaceful, sober environment. The common welfare of the house as a community comes first and the welfare of the individual follows closely thereafter.

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We promote wholeness – Spirit, Soul, and Body

Here at R3 we believe every individual is made up of three distinctive parts; a spirit, a soul (mind – will, emotions), and a (physical) body. In order to live a truly restored life - all three parts of the person must be embraced, acknowledged, and addressed.

Therefore, we promote embracing the ideal of the existence of each part of the human experience. We acknowledge that each part of our being has needs that must be met. We accept the responsibilities of making sure those needs are met as they arise. We accomplish this by:
  • Embracing our spiritual need to be in relationship with our higher power. Purposely seeking to connect to our Higher Power. Committing daily to a time of study, meditation and prayer.
  • Acknowledging our emotional needs. We accept that our emotional needs drive our thoughts which fuel our actions. Therefore we accept responsibility for choosing to purposely direct our actions by daily examining our thoughts and making sure that they line up with our spiritual convictions so we can have a positive outcome.
  • We accept the physical limitations of our bodies. Accept the responsibility of maintaining optimal physical wellness by addressing the need for adequate rest, eating healthy, exercise, and maintaining a good med management regiment.


R3 Accepts

We accept the responsibility of providing homes that are tastefully furnished and equipped with all the amenities necessary to be comfortable, to find work and begin rebuilding lives. Our locations are close to public transportation, shopping, health & wellness clinic, mental Health treatment providers, and a variety of recovery meetings.

R3 Commits

Here at R3 our residents commit to being responsible for working their recovery program while we commit to providing a structured environment that offers accountability to insure our residents achieve their goals. We are committed to empowering our client’s as they transition back into a productive, healthy lifestyle. We promote our residents becoming active members of faith based 12-Step programs.

R3 Triumphs

Our program is well managed and supervised by caring men and women who are passionate about empowering people in recovery. The foundation of our program is based on the belief that to truly restore life we must address all three parts of the human experience – spirit, emotion, and body. Therefore, Restored – Redeemed & Renewed is a faith based program that encourages residents to attend 12-Step meetings, study, get a sponsor, work the program, apply themselves to service, and take advantage of the fellowship available to them throughout our community.

R3 Succeeds

At R3 we believe there are 3 keys to success and we practice using them daily.
  • Possessing an Attitude or Gratitude
  • Possessing a willingness to listen, learn and apply what you have learned
  • Possessing a willingness to abide by the requirements of the program and remain compliant with the rules of the community.
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R3 Safe and Sober Transitional Housing is a place where you are supported and empowered on your recovery journey. We provide comfortable furnishings, bedding and a fully stocked kitchen so residents can prepare their meals.
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In order to be considered for residency in our Transitional Home, here is a link to our application page. You can download it and mail or fax it to our office. Application For Residency

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We have a number of house rules that are designed to help you become free from your addiction and also to ensure your safety and the safety of the rest of your house mates. Click a complete listing of the House Rules.
You can download our brochure. Front Page of Flyer / Inside of Flyer