Restored-Redeemed & Renewed has given me more than a home. I came here broken with no where to go and nobody that cared about me. I am not from Nampa so I didn't know any one here. I had done safe and sober housing before but this place is so much MORE! There are rules and structure help us stay on track but there is HEART here! These are genuine people that care and are more than willing to give you their time and support. I don't know where I would be without this place and these people. I found hope, faith, and my Savior - Jesus Christ. THANK YOU.
Anyone can apply to live in one of our houses who are homeless, suffers from substance use disorders, or mental health issues. Our houses are gender specific. We do not offer mixed gendered housing.
Yes, we are felon friendly and many of our clients are coming out from incarceration. However, there are some limitations to whom we can house based on past charges. If we cannot house someone we do give referrals to other programs.
Each resident shares a room with one other person. We work very hard to make sure that our residents are paired with someone that they will feel comfortable with.
While we do provide a house phone we do not provide internet. We partner with Community Builders, a non-profit computer access hub and the local library so our client have access to the internet.
Yes, there is a curfew. A client can ask to have an extended curfew by filling out an extended curfew form. The house curfew is 9pm unless a client has an extension or is working.
All of our clients are required to do UAs and/or breathalyzers upon request. Some are scheduled to do them each week for compliance in other programs. If a client relapses and there is a need to UAs more frequently the client is responsible for paying for those UAs at a rate of $10.00 per UA.
We require that each client do 90 recovery meetings in 90 days upon arrival. This is to ensure they have a recovery network close to them and that they have a sponsor and accountability partners. Our clients keep an attendance card that is signed after each meeting. We accept AA, NA, CR, Church, ACOA, & Ala Non as qualifying for those requirements.
A client can request an overnight pass if they have not had any write ups or relapses in the past 30 days. A written request must be submitted 48 hours in advance of leaving and has to be approved by staff and P&P officer. The client is responsible for paying for the nights they are not actually in the house as BPA will not cover those fees. All fess must be paid in advance.
R3 supplies your bed with sheets and blankets, a dresser, and closet space for each resident that is in our program. We also furnish the rest of the house with furnishings like couches and TV, dining table & chairs, Kitchen items which include appliances, dishes, pots & pans and utensils. All a resident needs to bring is their clothing and personal hygiene items. We do recommend that our residents limit the amount of items they bring. We do not allow personal TVs or computers to be set up, however laptops or personal DVD players are allowed. We do not offer internet.
A resident may stay as long as they would like. There is no limit on the amount of days. Many enjoy the structured living that we offer and the family style atmosphere. If a client is state funded and that funding expires then the client becomes responsible for making the monthly payments.
Currently we do not have a home for women and children. We believe that keeping families together is a good thing, however, as we are BPA funded and some of our clients have felony backgrounds we are not allowed to house children.
When you enter the program you are allowed to add visitors. They must be family members. Before your family comes for a visit a staff member must be notified and approve the visit 24 hours in advance. Once your family arrives they are only allowed in the common areas. This is to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our other guests.
We work with many types of clients and a variety of medications including many psych meds. There is a lock box for each resident in their rooms where they keep their medication locked up at all times. We check out one weeks’ worth of meds to our clients at a time to ensure med compliance. In this way we can insure the safety of everyone in the program.