Clients agree to remain drug and alcohol free at all times. I shall not use or possess alcohol, illicit drugs or misuse prescription drugs. I will not share or sell my medication to any other party.

Clients agree to select and attend 90 AA/NA/CR meetings in 90 days (meaning at least one meetings per day) and thereafter I will attend at least 4 meetings per week. I will show proof of my attendance weekly to my house liaison. They also agree to select a sponsor if they did not have one within the first 14 days of entering the program.

Clients agree to submit to random UAs, breathalyzer or Alcohol Swabs when requested by staff. Refusing a test or not producing urine within one hour from start of test will be logged as a dirty.

Clients agree to check in all medications immediately to the office. Staff and I will count them and dispense them into a weekly pill case that will be locked up in clients personal med safe in their room.

NO energy drinks (which are a trigger for relapse)or products like Spice, K2, Bath salts, or any mind altering substance may be consumed or possessed while in R3/SHIP housing.

Clients agree that the R3 house will be their primary residence and shall stay there 7 days a week. They will verify that residency by signing the "Residency Confirmation Log" daily.

No pets of any kind are allowed to be kept by clients in R3/SHIP housing.

Clients agree to pay my rent and/or utility fee on or before the date it is due.

Clients agree to attend weekly house meetings, each and every week, at their residence. I may only be excused by the house liaison from my house.

All clients will be out of bed and dressed by 8:00 am each weekday morning. The only exception to this requirement is if a resident is working late night shifts as evidenced by their work verification form and subsequent pay slips.

Clients agree to keep all areas clean in housing and agree to do daily house chore to assist with house maintenance and up keep.
Borrowing or lending money or property to other R3/SHIP residents is strictly prohibited.

Clients agree to be in by the house curfew, unless I have filed and gotten approved for, an extended curfew or over night pass by appropriate staff. Clients are expected to sign-in and out on the house notebook indicating where they are and where they will be with verifiable contact information.

Clients will not participate in any illegal activity of any kind, including but not limited to physical violence, destruction of property, theft, gambling, prostitution, tattooing or piercing on Restored-Redeemed & Renewed / SHIP's property. I will not possess or carry weapons of any kind.

I agree to be honest in all of my interactions with my housemates, R3/SHIP staff, and members of the community, as honesty is mandatory for recovery. Clients agree and recognize that being honest with themselves is critical to their success. Clients that make false statements to shall be denied admission or terminated if they make false statements to R3/SHIP staff at intake, while developing a case plan or any other interaction with R3/SHIP staff or other social service entities.

Clients agree to only have visitors during visiting hours, only those listed on their rental agreement may visit, and the visit must be approved by staff 24 hours in advance of the visit. Absolutely NO OVERNIGHT visitor are allowed.

Clients agree to seek and maintain employment. A waiver will be granted for those with proof of disability provided by a medical professional. Persons with a disability are NOT exempt from the Employment Program or from developing a self sufficiency plan.

Clients that are not employed agree to do 10 community service hours per week at non-profit community out reach centers.

Clients agree to follow Restored-Redeemed & Renewed / SHIP's memorandums, policies, procedures, concerning rules and rights & responsibilities including those contained herein and those that are in the contract.

Clients will not harass or intimidate any tenant, staff person or guest because of that person's race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or sexual orientation. I am aware that a violation will be grounds for termination of tenancy. Harassment and intimidation include abusive, vulgar, foul, provocative or threatening language or behaviors.
Restored-Redeemed & Renewed is unique from other housing. It is structured and is good for your sobriety. We get to do fun things like life skills classes where we make jewelry, do leather working, grow a garden, make jam and can stuff. R3 has been safe and has helped me. Gina is a great person and does all she can to help you get back on your feet. I don't know where I would be without this program.