Restored – Redeemed & Renewed Safe and Sober Transitional Housing is a place where our clients are supported and empowered on their recovery journey. We provide comfortable furnishings and bedding for our clients and a fully stocked kitchen so residents can prepare their meals.
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We offer life skills classes such as cooking, sewing, gardening, jewelry making, leather craft, and other assorted crafts. We partner with other community outreaches to offer resume building classes, interviewing skills class and internet job search skills class.

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Coming to live at R3 was like a breath of fresh air. I breathed in relief when I walked in the house. It felt like I was home. I was terrified thinking about moving into another traditional living house. I had been abused in other houses where I had lived. But when I got here I felt a peace in the house. I wasn't afraid any more. I love it here. The programs they offer like learning to cook, making your own jam & jellies, how to make jewelry, and sewing are educational and a lot of fun. The accountability helped me build daily routines. The responsibility of having chores helped me to learn and grow. I love it here and I would highly recommend Restored - Redeemed & Renewed to anyone in need.
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We service people from all walks of life, most struggles with homelessness, substance use disorders or mental health issues. However, anyone can apply. Residences can stay as long as they like.


Here is a link to our application page. You can download it and mail or fax it to our office. Application for Residency


In order to insure a safe and therapeutic atmosphere in this sober living home we have developed some rules that each resident has agreed to adhere too.


Noncompliance of these items will result in immediate dismissal and will be reported to the police:

  • Any type of physical violence.
  • Destruction of property.
  • Theft of property.
  • Possession of weapons of any kind.


Noncompliance of these items will result in a three day notice of dismissal:

  • Possession or use of alcohol, illegal drugs or misuse of prescription medication
  • Possession of prescription medication that has not been checked in to R3 office.
  • Intimidation or threat of violence.
  • Gambling.
  • Smoking or evidence of smoking within undesignated areas.
  • Visitor in undesignated areas of the house. Visitors may only be relatives or significant others identified to R3 staff during the admission process.
  • Breaking any lay while in the program.
  • Consciously undermining the program, staff, or fellow residents.
  • Awareness of another resident violating an infraction form Sections 1 or 2 and not reporting it to staff.
  • Making any false or misleading statements during the intake process.
  • Being absent from the house overnight without an overnight pass approved by appropriate R3 staff.
  • Failure to pay rent or other program fees in a timely manner.
  • No tattooing or piercing on the premises.

Noncompliance of these items will result in a behavioral contract:

  • Failure to comply with any program expectations (e.g. UAs, 90 in 90
  • attendance of Recovery Support meetings, Work skills, job searches, life skills, curfew, ect.)
  • Disruption in any meetings or other program activities.
  • Borrowing money from other residents.
  • Possession of animals within any program residence.
  • The use of proactive vulgar, foul, or abusive language.
  • Any form of expression that is insulting with regard to race, ethnic group, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Entering any unoccupied bedroom other than your own.


Noncompliance of these items will result in written client pull-up:

  • Bedroom not properly cleaned.
  • Food in any room other than the kitchen or dining area.
  • Not being out of bed by 8 am each weekday morning (exception: day off for those working full time)
  • Failure to satisfactorily complete an assigned chore or other task.
  • Non-observance of quiet hours from 9 pm to 8 am.
  • Unexcused absence from weekly house meeting.