All of our staff has volunteered countless hours of their time to make Restored-Redeemed & Renewed possible. Each has a heart and a vision for seeing those who are struggle with addiction, mental illness or homelessness find help, hope, and healing.

Our Director/CEO

Greetings, my name is Gina L. Osterloth and I possess a burning passion for empowering people to make positive changes so they find restored hope, redeemed lives, and renewed minds. I founded Restored – Redeemed & Renewed on the belief that nothing is impossible for those who believe.

Our Secretary

Bonnie is our secretary and is well suited for the job. She has worked extensively for H&R Block as well as the US Postal service. She is highly skilled in communications and does an excellent job keeping our communications flowing. Bonnie possesses a passion for those bound by addiction especially those that struggle with Co-dependency. She brings compassion, strength and wisdom to all those she serves.

Our Treasurer

Melanie is our treasurer. Melanie has years of experience in accounting and is highly skilled keeping us on track. She brings her passion and desire for all to be free of hurts, habits and hang-ups to the program. She has the amazing ability to love the hurt out of a person. Melanie possesses a passion for those who struggle with abuse issues and post-traumatic stress.

Our Job/Career Coach

Dawn is our job and career coach. She comes to us with years of experience working for the department of labor. She has amazing skills to assist those who are in need of updating or building a resume. If you don’t know how to say it just ask Dawn – she will have the perfect answer for you. Dawn specializes in seeing and cataloging a person’s strengths and weaknesses so they can focus their effort on job placement.

Our Project Manager

Eric is our project manager and has years of experience in construction. He oversees all our projects that may range from new structures &repairs to assisting with tree removal and grounds projects. Eric is a motivator and always focuses on the positive in someone’s life. Eric’s motto is, “Keep an Attitude of Gratitude and you will always come out on top.”

Tech Support & Web Design

Jeff is amazingly creative. He has gone over and above to keep all our communications flowing and hosts our website. His skill as a design tech is unmatched. He is always ready to assist with whatever our needs may be. Jeff is always on top of everything. He keeps all of information current.
Jeff shares his strengths of creativity, efficiency, integrity, and diligence with every life he touches. He gives selflessly of his time and talent to make our website and communications possible. He is always willing to encourage another and inspire them to continues on their journey.

R3 Recovery Garden Director

Carla is the director of the R3 Community Garden Project. She is an avid gardener and has gardened all of her life. She knows firsthand the physical and therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature by working in the soil, nurturing the plants, then enjoying the fruits of your labor. Carla was a school teacher and enjoys showing others the benefits of gardening. She enjoys helping the kids who volunteer in the garden while learning about nature while contributing to the community.

At the heart of the garden project is a cause that is near and dear to Carla’s heart – to empower those in our community who struggle with addiction, poverty, and homelessness recover from past hurts by renewing their spirits and discovering the strengths and abilities within themselves. The garden and all its supporting projects will provide many opportunities to learn new skills, develop self-confidence, overcome past hurts, and face the future with renewed hope.

Our Grounds men

Dan is the R3 grounds-men and he does a wonderful job keeping the tress in great shape. Dan works very hard to keep the fruit trees producing. He is a master gardener and specializes in fruit trees and plants. He works to ensure that all that we do is the highest of quality.

Dan also come to us with a passion for the lost and hurting. Sharing his understanding of the natural laws of pruning he is an amazing teacher of the importance of pruning bad things and people out of our lives and how it can be a good thing. It produces bigger fruit, and more abundant is actually a good thing.